Fish Club

The Fish Club

The Fish Club has reopened. After a few months of clo­sure, the restau­rant on Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau unveils a new décor and a new menu that is 100% shell­fish, fish, and crus­taceans, and rede­fined by the prod­ucts of the North Sea.

The boys” of the Experimental Group chose to entrust the menu’s cre­ation to their friend, Julien Burlat, a chef admired by Antwerpian gas­tronomes for his seafood restau­rant, Dôme sur mer.”
With this new pro­posal by the Fish Club, which bears its label, Parisians will dis­cover an ele­gant, sea-based cui­sine and, above all, the best prod­ucts, sourced patiently for years, and par­tic­u­larly from the beaches of the North.
There are only mag­nif­i­cent prod­ucts to be found here: har­vested sus­tain­ably, raw or fresh caught, and enhanced with a unique sauce or savory condi­ment.

The curi­ous will hap­pily lose them­selves among the chan­nels of this open menu, nav­i­gat­ing accord­ing to their desires, with no itin­er­ary for a set degus­ta­tion. Around the inescapable dishes of seafood, the pro­gram is free. To choice, shrimp cro­quettes, smoked eel with a very Nordic accent, grilled octo­pus from Galicia, cala­mari, or even lob­ster on the plank and flanked by sage but­ter.

In short, sim­plic­ity and fresh­ness har­mo­nize the evenings of this port of call, which will also be known for its mas­ter­ful selec­tion of beau­ti­ful wines: a short menu of 40 ref­er­ences that give pri­or­ity to the whites while leav­ing a few sur­pris­ing notes among the reds.

The North Sea on a plat­ter…